Hi! I'm Katie Stephens

Following your dream should not just be an inward success story,
but an outward glow others can see on your face...

justkatieI am an aesthetician who specializes in organic, holistic skin care. My dream is to help people obtain their ideal skin while keeping the integrity of the skin. I believe we are meant to age and that aging is a beautiful thing. Honestly, it is hard to watch it happen. I offer treatments that are geared towards slowly aging gracefully with love and self care. Nature offers us so many amazing healing herbs and remedies; and with a the right skin care regime, including scheduled facials and treatments, we can be unstoppable! Laurel calls is “slow beauty"... I call it SOULSHINE. By creating the ideal treatment plan, I promise that your soul will be shining through glowing, healthy skin after the first facial!

I am starting my new career after only two years in Columbia with a new venture called Soulshine. Since we moved to Cola I have found a family in this community.  Everything has organically fallen into place.  I am so excited to have this opportunity!!!! I jokingly call it my second life... but it feels so new and exciting that I don’t know how else to describe it.  What  a blessing it is to be authentic, supported and  pursuing what I am passionate about.